From the Artist’s Desk

Hey this is a bit of a tidbit on a piece the Graphic design of Pork – The Icon! Oh and yes I am copying Andy’s ‘From The Programmer’s Den’ with the title here 😉

Originally there were three design concepts made in Adobe Illustrator (by me) and sent to the team for judgment.





The first was random white scripting on a black backdropping with a 3D pork chop and letter ‘P.’ As you can imagine… this was really difficult to see when reduced to the size of an icon (50px X 50px) – I also really lacked in expressing Pork and it’s developers. (AKA a bunch of really weird high schoolers)



The second design was a pork chop as the letter ‘P’ in the word ‘Pork,’ the eye in the final design used as the letter ‘o’ and the rest of the word written in a meaty pink color. Note: The second design was made after the third and final design.



The third design is the one being currently used with minor alteration, the teeth were originally a bit different.

The final design that you see in the game >> The monster drooling over a nice juicy pork chop ^_^




The icons were all made in Adobe Illustrator as vector images, rendered as PNG-24 and then converted to .ico using a handy little program called ToYcon. ToYcon is amazing btw, you don’t have to install it and it has a drag and drop interface.

Well thats all for post! Sorry it wast as long as Andy’s ‘From The Programmer’s Den’ nor as funny as my usual pages. I hope you’ll stay with us the rest of the summer for more articles &ct. I am going to be putting up a bit of a ‘what the hell are we doing update’ up soon so you know whats happening with updates and future content. Hint: A LOT!!

Yours Truly,



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