Another Update n’ Stuff

Hello everyone, here’s another “little more than half-a-year” update. For those of you who are still following this project, thank you! I appreciate your eagerness to see a new version of Pork. Also, I’m taking Bitcoin donations at 1LzNjrkkrZ7PjsqanT79Xqx6wJq2AjCxKF now. Feel free to drop some BTC cents in! I appreciate every single micro-BTC. 🙂

Now then, the state of the Engine:

Since the last update I’ve made a good deal of progress. That is, a good deal considering the other projects I must undertake aside from this one as well as school. In order to make  the custom command scripting side as flexible, powerful, and reliable as possible, the custom commands will be made with Python. My PMF definition script language will stay as-is, since it works well for its purpose. But, Python is already a wonderful, fast, powerful, and extensible scripting language, so I will use it instead of the custom command script language I had in mind because it would be no where as good as Python already is. Not to mention that by supporting Python it can also support any pure-python libraries, which opens up all kinds of interesting things that could be done in a custom command. Trust me, Python shall do much better for this operation.

To elaborate on how PorkScript works, the definition script (PMF) defines all items, maps, and map states that will be in one game. All the properties for every item, map, and map state is set within PMF, and custom properties may be created on the Python side along with custom commands for extension. The custom command script (previously called PPF) defines all custom commands and custom properties used in a game. These Python scripts are modular, so you can easily add a new custom command with properties to your own game simply by obtaining their script! And do not worry, Python is an easy language to use, and I’ve made it as easy as I can to write custom command scripts with custom properties. Still not sure? That’s okay! PMF is still very easy to write, and you can instead rely on other people’s Python modules for custom commands and properties.

I hope that whetted somebody’s appetite for a new version. 😛 Also, some more good news (hopefully): I am planning on getting an entire period of my school day devoted to working on PorkV2 and PorkScript. I am sure that I will be able to score this deal, but if I cannot I shall notify all of you. But, with this deal, I would most certainly be able to finish Pork by the end of the school year, if not much sooner!

Thanks for reading this, and thanks for continually checking up on this site! I can’t promise more frequent updates, but if progress goes faster during school, I may increase the update frequency. Until next time, seeya!

— Andy Brennan


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