The Pork Story… (Don’t worry it has a happy ending)

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So hopefully if you’re reading this you’ve played Pork… well no that isn’t right let me start again. So hopefully if you’ve played Pork you’re reading this. There that’s more like it. I want to get started by saying goodbye – to Pork that is not to you, I’d love to say “Hello!” and “Welcome back!” to you. Ahem… Goodbye Pork we had a good run ‘ol buddy ‘ol pal.

Well now that that’s over I should probably offer an explanation. As most of (all) the readers of the Pork blog should know Andy Brennan is the one who started Pork by making Pork Script an engine that allows the user to created text-based adventure games. This started in our sophomore year of highschool  Pork script was written in C++ by the way (this is important later in the story.) Our friend TJ is actually the one who wrote the game known as Pork. I did artwork and started the Pork blog and helped And market the game…

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