Email the Pork Team “-Command is invalid!”

Could you help me play pork?

Everything i type results in “-Command is invalid”
i don’t know who command is, or why he is a cripple, or why that his disability is so important.

i’ve tried using underscores as spaces.
i’ve tried typing nothing more than a single word. “splash”

What am i missing?


Dear Shmo,

When you type into the console and it returns “Command is invalid” it means that you have typed in an unsupported command or in other words, that the console doesn’t understand (or wasn’t programmed to understand) the word or phrase you used. If you look in the ‘read me’ you can find a full list of supported commands and there results. Also note that all objects are case and space sensitive.

If you’re interested in using Pork script for creating your own text-based adventure, I’m sorry to say that the language is no longer in development. However, a new language with many more command options and support for creating your own commands is currently in development by Pork’s original developer. You can find the new release on Github:

Thank you again for emailing the Pork Team and if you have anymore questions don’t hesitate to email again or comment on our blog:

Game on!


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