Design Sketch


Design Sketch

I know it’s been awhile! A lot has been getting done around here (even though it might not look it!) Here is a quick sketch of a design concept I had for the Pork Version 2 icon! Note: it is a poorly taken cell phone photo with the contrast amped up, it is also sideways… The pork monster is laying back (on his back!) and holding that big juicy porkchop above him about to eat it 🙂


From the Artist’s Desk

Hey this is a bit of a tidbit on a piece the Graphic design of Pork – The Icon! Oh and yes I am copying Andy’s ‘From The Programmer’s Den’ with the title here 😉

Originally there were three design concepts made in Adobe Illustrator (by me) and sent to the team for judgment.





The first was random white scripting on a black backdropping with a 3D pork chop and letter ‘P.’ As you can imagine… this was really difficult to see when reduced to the size of an icon (50px X 50px) – I also really lacked in expressing Pork and it’s developers. (AKA a bunch of really weird high schoolers)



The second design was a pork chop as the letter ‘P’ in the word ‘Pork,’ the eye in the final design used as the letter ‘o’ and the rest of the word written in a meaty pink color. Note: The second design was made after the third and final design.



The third design is the one being currently used with minor alteration, the teeth were originally a bit different.

The final design that you see in the game >> The monster drooling over a nice juicy pork chop ^_^




The icons were all made in Adobe Illustrator as vector images, rendered as PNG-24 and then converted to .ico using a handy little program called ToYcon. ToYcon is amazing btw, you don’t have to install it and it has a drag and drop interface.

Well thats all for post! Sorry it wast as long as Andy’s ‘From The Programmer’s Den’ nor as funny as my usual pages. I hope you’ll stay with us the rest of the summer for more articles &ct. I am going to be putting up a bit of a ‘what the hell are we doing update’ up soon so you know whats happening with updates and future content. Hint: A LOT!!

Yours Truly,