Download the NEW and so amazingly exiting you can’t survive without it PORK Text-Adventure Game HERE

Update: Now downloadable on DropboxFileSmelt and MediaFire.

Take a journy into the unknown, find love, adventure, treasure, spiritual enlightenment, mortal fear, domination, action, cure and cause of insanity, AND the mysterious secret of the mysteries of life.

Do it.


We’re waiting – see you on the other side.

Thank You!

– Pork Team


I’ve never played the game so I have no idea what its going to be about; I thought my description was pretty cool though. It really captures the essence of the perfect game ya know? Maybe people will want to play it after they read that. Oh gosh I think I’m going to cry – I’m just so happy. So exited. I GET TO PLAY PORK!!!! So do you but that isn’t very important to me right now…   ..   .


5 thoughts on “Download

  1. Seriously this is my 2nd attempt on downloading this game, and my Anti-virus will see it as a Trojan virus and automatically delete it, is the file safe enough to turn off my Anti-virus or are you just a dirty little hackers who harms PC’s?, if not PLEASE FIX THIS

    • Are you serious? We made this when we were freshman in highschool, go insult someone else. It is extremely common for antivirus software to throw false positives on small programs written by independent developers, let alone text adventure games written by highschool students.

  2. Can the download NOT be hosted by mediafire please? They force pop-ups and is slow. If you guys don’t have a server to host the file on, could you please use the public folder in dropbox? It’s a lot quicker and doesn’t require being redirected and clicking and that stuff.


    Also, the link where it says “Were waiting”, it should be “We’re waiting”.

    • Thank you for telling us this, I never really realized how annoying mediafire was… Andy was the one to put it on mediafire so I will talk to him about alternatives. In the mean time though I will take your suggestion on a public dropbox folder – the reason I didn’t do that in the first place is because mine is full but now that I am on a different computer I can just make a dedicated account.

      Thanks again,

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